How to make over N3m Naira monthly as a Celebrity on Celebrichee

Are you a Nigerian who is influential and has a significant fanbase on Social media? Here is how you can make more than NGN 3,000,000 Naira per month on our Celebrichee platform.


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Copy your Celebrichee profile link and post it on all your Social platforms announcing to your followers that they can order shoutouts from you on Celebrichee.


A fan requests a personalized video message from you on the platform and we send it to you. You record it via your selfie camera.


If you have 150,000 followers & you charge N25k per shoutout. If  just 0.1% of your followers order in a month, you earn N3,750,000!


The more times you post about it on all your social media, the more money you earn!

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